Student Internship Program

Silver Creek High School is starting up its Student Internship Program for all 12th-graders during the 2021-2022 academic year. Once again, SCCS has made partnerships with local businesses willing to host seniors and give them hands-on experience within a chosen career.  

Currently, the partners are:

  • Lakeshore Family Center Day Care
  • Radack and Hartnett, Law Offices
  • Village of Silver Creek, Clerk
  • Northern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union
  • Dr. Carolyn Lukonaitis, Chiropractic
  • Elite Designs Int., Ltd.
  • TPS Propane
  • A Cut Above the Rest Hair Salon
  • Silver Creek Village Historian
  • Anderson-Lee Public Library


And, within the building at SCCS, various teachers in elementary, middle and high school are offering an opportunity for our students to get to learn how to become an educator or building support staff. 

The goal of the Silver Creek CSD Student Internship Program is to assist students in forming or refining their college and/or career goals as they prepare to graduate, according to district librarian Paula Michalak.   

Students that are interested will get to rotate though different host sites per month for a minimum of 1 time per week. Students can choose different sites that interest them. The goal is to provide them with an understanding of what to expect in that field of work should they choose to pursue. Mrs. Michalak emphasizes this isn’t just a great way to get hands-on experience and learn some soft skills of the trade, it is also a wonderful way to make connections with local businesses, obtain references and include the information on college application forms.    

SCHS will continue to grow and pursue more community partnerships who are willing to host senior Black Knights.   

When asked how she came to spearhead this effort, Mrs. Michalak responded that there is no better place for students to make connections with information than through their libraries.

Families interested in signing up their Seniors, and Seniors who are interested in learning more should contact Mrs. Michalak at Or, if you are a student, come to the MS/HS library during the school day. Local businesses who are interested in hosting our 12th-grade students can also contact Mrs. Michalak via her email.

Those students interested in the Senior Internship Program can also take Ms. Foley’s NYS Seal of Civic Readiness Class.  The NYS Seal of Civic Readiness is an opportunity for high school seniors to make a positive difference in their life and that of the local community by showing a commitment to participatory government, civic responsibility, and civic values. The program encourages students to complete research-based learning in the classroom, engage in service-learning projects, and participate in a work-based learning setting such as the High School Internship Program.  

If the program is completed, students will get a stand-alone diploma seal and it will go on their transcript.  Each student will receive formal recognition that they have attained a high level of proficiency in the Social Studies coursework as well as engaged in civic responsibility on a local level.  By completing this program, a student may demonstrate to universities, colleges, and future employers that he/she has earned recognition for their civic knowledge, skills, mindset, and experiences.  The skills and opportunities gained from this program will not only benefit students in the higher education setting, but also the workplace.