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This year, regardless of whether your student is hybrid or virtual, all assignments can be accessed through Microsoft Teams.  Students have access on their iPads and each day has instructions with the appropriate links they will need to complete assignments any day there is class.  On Friday's, we will meet at the appropriate class time virtually through Teams as well.   


The "Homework Hotline" will also repeat those assignments, and provide families with current assignments that are due. 


The Parent Portal through Power School will also allows families to check grades and assignments.  If an assignment is marked as "missing" or "0" it is incomplete.  Almost every assignment will have a comment explaining what it is so that anyone can check Teams to see what was expected.  

Showbie is also the app being used where students can turn in work so if you would like to use that, it is also encouraged.  The most efficient way to see what your student is doing is checking PowerSchool and Teams.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me most efficiently at or also at 716-934-2603, x 2317.

Thank you!