From the Superintendent

Dear Silver Creek Central School District Residents,

 As we near the end of the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year, I am very excited to update you regarding our progress as a district.  I continue to empathize with all of you as the uncertainty continues as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. I remain inspired by the unity and willingness of everyone to work together through the difficult and sometimes controversial issues we face, while making decisions on “what is best for students.” I want to convey that the school district remains here, as a solid foundation, to assist you, your families, and your children by providing physical, social, emotional and academic support. The school district remains a solid force to champion a vision and programming to best meet the needs of our students and families.

We have successfully returned to in-person instruction wearing masks, utilizing barriers, following social distancing protocols, pool testing unvaccinated staff members, and screening all individuals entering the district on a daily basis, while providing a solid academic experience with enhanced supports for social/emotional/mental health concerns.  We continue to utilize federal grant money (American Rescue Plan) to hire additional staff members this school year.  Academically, we have hired additional staff designed to keep class sizes smaller and provide support for academic intervention services (AIS).  We have also hired an additional social worker and are presently hiring support staff in the area of family liaison assistance between the school and families and a drug/alcohol prevention specialist.   We deeply value the community’s trust, support, and reassurance that you believe in our school, staff, and academic institution to do our best work assisting you, your families, and children. 

I remain proud of the hard work and commitment of our entire staff to make Silver Creek Schools a positive and supportive learning environment for our students.  We can all take great pride in the efforts of our teachers to address learning loss and learning gaps that occurred since the start of the pandemic shutdowns in March 2020.  Our administrative team continues to provide professional development, reflective thinking, and high-level commitment that challenges us to be better for our students, which is the driving force as we “never settle” and always strive to be better. Our support staff is amazing, and continues to play an influential role.  They remain vital in supporting and providing excellent programs and enhanced learning opportunities for students and the successful operations of our school.

We have begun preparing for the 2022-2023 budget. As always, we will prepare a budget that maintains our fine student programming, focuses on additional social/emotional/mental health and AIS services, with additional enhanced learning support opportunities while also being fiscally responsible to our taxpayers. Rest assured, our administrative team will be providing an analysis of our expenditures, comparing to our expected revenues as we remain committed to providing the highest quality education for all students. Further, our administrative team remains deeply committed that we must think creatively, using researched-based methods, to retool and map appropriate programs to address social/emotional/mental health and academic needs. Please monitor the district webpage for current budget workshop announcements and PowerPoint presentations under the Budget section of the District tab.

The administrative team continues to work hard implementing their Comprehensive School Educational Plans (CSEP), which support the district-wide Comprehensive District Educational Plan (CDEP). Our administrative team uses these plans to guide our decision making, to be certain that we remain long-sighted with a vision of continual growth for our student programming and district success. Please know we have focused our building level plans to address three areas that support our Board of Education goals:

▪ Academic Achievement: Identifying and measuring student learning gaps (which have occurred because of the pandemic since March 2020) and programming to appropriately support student success;

▪ Social Emotional Developmental Health and Well-being: Emphasize our assistance of students/staff/families to socially and emotionally support individuals throughout this school year and over the course of the next few years;

▪ Family Engagement:  Continue to prioritize and reach out, communicating with families using multiple methods of communication.

The Silver Creek Board of Education, faculty, staff, and administration would like to extend best wishes for the New Year. We understand and appreciate the trust and support that you give our district on a daily basis. We accept this enormous responsibility by continually striving to educate all students, growing our programming (academic, curricular, character and extracurricular), and developing each and every child to be the best they can be.

We remain committed to enhanced communication, progressing methodically and transparently, under the decision making of “what is best for students” within the structural parameters we have available to us.

In closing, we remind you that, “We are all in this together and together we will get through this.”


Todd A. Crandall
Superintendent of Schools