Continuing Education Credits/Workshops

Continuing Education Credits/Workshops


CEC Forms

Course Registration Information

Please go to My Learning Plan and register for in-district courses or project proposals. Out of District workshops must be done on the paper form (see CEC forms) and submitted to Colleen Roberts 2 weeks prior to the CEC meeting.

Notification of requested approval will be given through My Learning Plan if it is an in-house request or returned to you if it is an out-of-district request, after the committee meets to review them. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Helrmer or the SCTA President.

  • Teachers are eligible for a Continuing Education Credit stipend in June and rollover which will be added to their 2019-2020 salary after completing 15 hours, 25 hours, or 35 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEC) professional development. Additional hours will not result in an additional rollover, although teachers are often welcome to audit courses.

Reflection is a part of every out-of-district course, faculty should use the (goldenrod) Reflection form available in the HS Guidance office and the school Website (CEC forms).

Please remember to follow-through with all required paperwork (i.e. reflection forms for workshop instructor or for building principal approval, attaining certificates of completion). Otherwise, rollovers and stipends can not be processed.

Silver Creek Certificate(s) of Completion attached to blue claim forms must be submitted to Colleen Roberts in the HS Guidance office by June 5, 2020.