Comprehensive District Educational Planning (CDEP)

Silver Creek’s Comprehensive District Educational Planning (CDEP) is a data-driven strategic planning process designed to improve student learning. Our team of nineteen stakeholders represents a diverse section of our school community: residents, parents, students, teachers, administrators, counselors, and board members.
This team has crafted a new vision and mission statement and set of beliefs:

Vision Statement:
Silver Creek Central School District is a collaborative learning community, sharing the responsibility for student learning and preparing our students for life's journey. Our curriculum is dedicated to the meaningful development of 21st century skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving - all within a safe and comfortable environment that meets students' needs. The relevance of our curriculum is based on its application to the real world.
In preparing for the global world of tomorrow, Silver Creek C.S.D. is helping students become information seekers in a collaborative work environment that will enable them to think and perform more critically and powerfully. We focus on the importance of comprehensive literacy as we prepare our students for their futures. Responding to the needs of each and every student, we use research-based practices to shape curriculum, assessment and instruction.
We encourage and expect students to take ownership for their learning. In addition to our academic pursuits, we envision a district where all students grow in mutual respect, trust, honesty, tolerance, integrity and honor in becoming model citizens for the 21st century.

Mission Statement:
Silver Creek Central School District builds bridges with students linking today's learning to tomorrow's possibilities.

Belief Statements:
We believe..........

  • The community and the school are one.

  • Students must come first in our decision making.

  • For all students to learn, our school community must learn.

  • Instruction must be relevant and challenge diverse learners.

  • The school environment must embrace diversity and be a physically and emotionally safe place where everyone can take risks in their learning.

  • Values and responsibility must be modeled, taught, expected, and respected.

  • Thriving public schools must create shared responsibility with their community.

  • Effective communication systems create trust.