Athletic Code/Contract

Athletic Code


Your son/daughter is a candidate for the privilege of participating in the Silver Creek Central School District athletic program. Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, not a right. In order to participate, the Board of Education, administration, faculty and coaching staff expect that a student will abide by the eligibility procedures outlined.

At Silver Creek we believe that athletics are an important part of the student’s educational experience. As worthwhile as athletics are they must not take precedence over a student’s scholastic and citizenship responsibilities. Successful participation in activities outside of the regular school day requires an extra measure of time, energy and commitment on the part of the student and his/her parents.

Students must demonstrate appropriate maturity in terms of being in control of them-selves at all times. As role models and representatives of our school community, sport participants have an extra level of responsibility. We urge parents and students to seriously discuss the impact of the extra time and energy required to participate sports activities as well as the eligibility rules athletes must follow to remain eligible for participation.


Sportsmanship is possessing, practicing and demonstrating the skills of a sportsman; honesty, being fair-minded, having knowledge of rules, respecting rules and officials, demonstrating self-control, recognizing good play, treating others and all situations in a manner you would expect to be treated, and accepting victory with grace and defeat with dignity.
We believe that sportsmanship reflects the following ideals, attitudes and values:
A. A genuine interest in and enjoyment of interscholastic competition.
B. An understanding that interscholastic competition exists as a part of education.
C. Respect for one's school and community, its reputation and traditions.
D. Respect for one's opponents, their school and community, including its cultural and ethnic makeup.
E. An understanding and respect for the rules of the game and for those responsible for implementing them.
F. Readiness to participate regardless of one's role in a constructive and contributing fashion.

*Adopted 1992, Section VI, Athletic Council.