Silver Creek Middle School Announcements


Good morning, today is Monday, May 16th, and it is a B Day.

Lunch today is Chicken Tender with a Roll

Drawing Day is celebrated on May 16 and the best way to celebrate it is by expressing yourself through drawing just about anything you like. Did you know that drawing is an art closely tied to our history? Even cavemen who hadn’t yet learned to talk drew hunting scenes on cave walls. Today, we have so many modern tools to help us create extremely realistic and artistic drawings such as a plain sketchbook and pencil or a tablet and stylus.


Attention Builders Club members, our next meeting is TODAY in Mrs. Roberts’s  room, at 2:30 If you have a ride home at 3pm. We will be working on our Memorial Day Project..

TODAY IN SPORTS: Modified softball plays against Gowanda at 5pm, varsity plays Panama at 5pm, and JV plays against Panama. Unified Basketball plays against Dunkirk at 5pm.JV boys baseball at Maple Grove, Varsity is against Clymer.