Principal's Message

Mrs. Merrie Maxon - Principal 
Mrs. Merrie Maxon


Dear Families and Community Members,

On behalf of the elementary faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to Silver Creek Elementary School and thank you for your partnership in education. We are very thankful for each child who fills our school with the joy that he/she brings as they enter each day. We hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities for families to come explore the building and to meet all of our teachers. 

Did you know that if a child reads for 20 minutes every day that he/she is exposed to approximately 1.8 million words of text every year! Two interesting facts about literacy are: 1. The letter E is the most frequently used letter used 12.70% in text and 2. The letter Z is the least frequently used letter used 0.07% in text. These facts and statics were provided by One World Literacy Foundation and I wanted to share them with you because of the important focus we have on reading in school and the interest some of these statistics bring with them. We appreciate you taking the time to read with your child and to listen to him/her read. Remember, for every 15 minutes that you read to your child or your child reads to you, he/she earns a step towards his/her step counts at school. There is no app to replace your lap, so keep reading and enjoy a good book with your child each and every day. 

As the families of our students, you are your child’s first and longest teacher. We are grateful to partner in your child’s developmental and educational journey. The Silver Creek Elementary staff is commitmented to making a difference in your child’s life and preparing him/her for college, career, and civic readiness. As always, your feedback and communication are welcomed, and I can be reached at or by calling 716-934-2603, ext. 1100. 

Thank you for choosing Silver Creek Central School District as your child’s place of education.


Merrie Maxon
Elementary Principal