Please Pardon Our Patriotic Progress

Please Pardon Our Patriotic Progress

Silver Creek Central School District is pleased to share that it has received approval and funding for a permanent Veterans Wall and construction is now underway.


All the military service cards have been carefully removed from the corridor that housed the temporary installation at the elementary school during the upgrade to a permanent display. Display cases are being constructed for each of the five branches and the district estimates they will be completed by April 2020.


The cases are being built out of wood and Plexiglass and will feature easy access doors for the addition of Veteran names and information we've already collected and any new Veterans from our community who have served in our United States Military.


The district wants to assure visitors and attendees of sporting events, concerts and conferences that the Veterans Wall is not gone, it is being re-imagined for permanent display and is currently under construction. The district anticipates hosting an unveiling ceremony after completion and an invitation will be extended to the community.


District residents interested in being included in the Veterans Wall should reach out to Jenn Restivo at for a card of recognition.


We appreciate the community’s patience regarding this improvement. Thank you!