Mrs. Westlund

Welcome School Messenger
Silver Creek Rocks!
Discovery Comparing and Contrasting
Reading Writing
Finding Evidence New Words
Fiction and Nonfiction Wondering Making Friends Growing
Foreign exchange students.Science experiments!
Animal visitors!Recording science observations!
Role playing!Team work!
We build our muscles and imagination.We reach our goals with the help of our friends.
We sing and dance.We move in new ways.
We learn about our senses.We ask questions and find answers.
What can you draw?Can you make your name out of play dough?
Who are your new friends?What is your favorite song?
What is teamwork?Do you know what a paleontologist does?
How does a bubble form?What do you like to paint?
How do you make play dough?What matches?
Where do you like reading best?Who do you like drawing with?