Tech Dept istock image of a tablet in front of a chalkboard and next to a stack of books topped with an apple

Office of Technology

Silver Creek Central School District
1 Dickinson Street
Silver Creek NY 14136
Phone: (716) 934-2603
Fax: (716) 934-0430

Mr. Michael Kempster, Technology Coordinator

ext. 1204

Mr. Chad Alford, Network Technician

ext. 1208

Mr. Zachary Dake, Personal Computer Specialist ext. 1207

Our Office of Technology leads district school improvement and technology programs at Silver Creek.

Instructional Responsibilities Include:
  • K-12 Curricular and Instructional Programs
  • Federal Funding and Competitive Grant Programs
  • Teacher Learning and Staff Development Programs
  • Title VII
  • Annual Professional Performance Review Plan
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Chief Information Officer Duties
    No Child Left Behind Accountability Reporting
  • Support for Data-based decision making
  • New Teacher Induction and Mentoring



Instructional Technology Responsibilities Include:
  • Technology Planning, Budgeting, and Project Management
  • Staff Training
  • Learning Technology Integration
  • Help Desk Support for approx. 1400 end users
  • Network Management
  • Student Information System (PowerSchool)
  • Financial Management Software (CIMS)
  • SchoolWires Website Management
  • Video Security
  • Telecommunications Support and
  • DocumentCenter Support
  • Coordination of Western New York Regional Information Center Services